Chalk One Up for the Bird Podcasts are for telling stories...

This is a podcast in which I tell the true story about a cat named Tallyho and the gift she brought me in the middle of the night. Using Adobe Soundbooth I was able to record my narrative. Its track cleaning features allowed me to reduce the clicks, pops, rumbles, and other ambient background noises. The application has a fairly steep learning curve, but after a bit of exploration I was able to enhance the recording further by adding special effects that makes it sound like it’s being broadcasted in a concert hall over an old time radio.

Wanting to ramp up the drama a bit I discovered the application comes with a collection of background scores. Using a score as a background in a recorded clip was not very intuitive and it ultimately took several takes to get it right because even after specifying which clip to use, the score duration did not automatically sync to the clip’s duration and the export function did not include the clip by default so it needed to be explicitly specified at that point as well. Finally I realized that I could mix the volumes of the tracks and ultimately had to reduce the volume of the background down to 2% so it didn’t overpower the voice track.

Kathleen Marrs, Ph.D.
Kathleen wants to live in a world filled with open books, open source, open hearts, and open minds in which diversity is embraced and creativity flourishes. A long time CPA turned online professor, Kathleen’s life was transformed upon completion of her dissertation An Investigation of the Factors that Influence Faculty and Student Acceptance of Mobile Learning in Online Higher Education.Her statistical analyses was called ”pioneering” by her committee chair Dr. Marlyn K. Littman and brought Kathleen full circle back to her number-crunching roots inspiring her to earn a second master’s in Business Intelligence.Kathleen plans to continue her studies of contemporary issues related to teaching, learning, and technology and loves to help undergrad and grad students achieve their academic and professional goals. As a lifelong learner she also plans on continuing her quest to understand the problems posed by mobile and micro learning formats and find innovative ways of helping people maximize the benefits these emerging technologies afford.


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