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Social Media Marketing: Implications for an E-Learning Startup

Researchers at, an e-learning startup that plans to offer short, self-paced learning content investigated the impact that social media has on marketing processes and the role that social media marketing should play. A review of the literature revealed that social media must play a strategic role in order for to successfully compete in the e-learning market and that use of mass media would not be cost-beneficial. Social media marketing campaigns must be strategically targeted, highly relevant, and preferably customizable to individual consumers. Administration must plan its operations in a way that allows for continuous social interactivity in order to build strong customer relationships, brand loyalty, and maximize revenues.


An Evaluation of Multichannel Shopping at PetSmart

In an effort to gain a competitive advantage over purely online retailers, local retailers are increasingly employing multichannel marketing strategies that allow customers to order online and pick up their purchases at the local store. Commonly referred to as click-and-brick or click-and-mortar marketing, an in-store pickup option offers shoppers the best of both worlds in that they can avoid shipping costs, obtain their products relatively quickly, avoid crowds, and save time through an expedited checkout (Mahar, Wright, Bretthauer, & Hill, 2014). This paper describes a click-and-brick shopping experience at petsmart.comĀ® and the local PetSmartĀ® store.


Developing a Web Scraper

Mining content from the web is becoming an increasingly common activity for individuals and organizations seeking to make informed decisions or simply wanting to collect related information on topics of interest. Web mining is a process of automatically crawling (browsing) websites and scraping (extracting) the relevant content from their pages. This paper describes the development of a web scraper for purposes of gaining marketing intelligence. A review of related work in web mining is presented specific to the development of a web scraper along with details of the development process. The paper concludes with a discussion on concerns about the technical, ethical, and legal issues that should be considered.