Social Media Marketing: Implications for an E-Learning Startup


This investigation revealed that social media must play a strategic role in order for to successfully compete in the e-learning market and that use of mass media would not be cost-beneficial. Social media marketing campaigns must be strategically targeted, highly relevant, and preferably customizable to individual consumers to maximize ROI. Administration must plan its operations in a way that allows for continuous social interactivity in order to build strong customer relationships, brand loyalty, and maximize revenues and to do so, the company must plan to allocate resources to acquire or recruit the talent needed to manage and nurture those relationships and to analyze the data to provide the business intelligence needed for ongoing strategic planning.

It is recommended that use a passive approach initially by identifying and joining the applicable social networks in order to gather a sufficient amount of information about market needs, customer opinions, and competitive trends that can later be analyzed and used as the basis for developing more strategic active marketing campaigns. It is also recommended that further research be done to identify what performance metrics best measure the effectiveness of SMM campaigns.