Courses Authored


Enhancing Websites with PHP

Students learn to create interactive and dynamic websites using the popular open source PHP server-side language and MySQL database. It is designed to be used with the book by Larry Ullman PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites 4th edition, ISBN 978-0321784070. Students learn to apply the techniques learned from the book and other resources and apply them to their own designs. Specifically, students work with the WAMP, MAMP or LAMP testing servers installed on their own computers. They learn to write scripts that process web-based input and output, troubleshoot programming code, connect to a database, and add, display, edit, and delete records with a bit of CSS and javascript thrown in. Their ultimate goal is to produce a visually aesthetic and functional website.

Imaging for the Web

Tap into the power of Fireworks to create dynamic Web graphics. Macromedia Fireworks is the premier program for bridging the gap between graphic design and web development. Fireworks eliminates the need for expensive image editing programs with high learning curves, allowing you to manipulate photos, design fantastic web graphics, and create animation with little or[...]