Force-Directed Graph

As Mike Bostock explained, this simple force-directed graph shows character co-occurence in Les Misérables. It is a physical simulation of charged particles and springs that places related characters in closer proximity, while unrelated characters are farther apart.

Source Files
I adapted the code for use in this WordPress site. WordPress users should:
  1. Create the dependent files first (json and css below).
  2. Upload the dependent files to the media gallery noting their absolute paths.
  3. Paste the following SVG canvas code in the WP-D3 editor.
  4. Make the following changes:
    1. line 11 var svg =“.yourobjectname”) – don’t forget the dot!
    2. line 15 d3.json(“pathtoyourdatafile”)
  5. Include the dependent files using the paths noted in step 2.
See the WP-D3 documentation for more details.
Source Code: SVG Canvas
Data Source: miserables-json.txt
Note: For security reasons, WP does not allow uploading a .json file using the media gallery so the file needs to be plain text.
CSS Source
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